Federation of Medical and Sales Representatives' Associations of India

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Objectives and AIMS of FMRAI

  • FMRAI is the only national trade union of the Medical and Sales Representatives in India having its affiliates in each states of the country and offices in 300 cities and towns.
  • FMRAI is an omnibus organisation of all field workers of nearly all companies having marketing activity. But for many companies FMRAI function as union of the field workers with individual companies.
  • FMRAI aims to mobilise company wise field workers to protect their trade union rights. It aims to earn recognition of various companies in all industries to improve working and service conditions. It also tries to develop grievance committee in all companies so that through bilateral discussion, problems in day to day work could be resolved.
  • FMRAI through national movement and local mobilisation always resist victimisation of the field workers. Unjust actions of the management like termination of service transfer to far distance places, stopping of wages and expenses, etc. are always fought by the organisation.
  • FMRAI also mobilise its members for change in the labour laws like extension of minimum wages, determining the statutory work rules, bonus and gratuity to all.
  • FMRAI demands and agitate for strict implementation of Sales Promotion Employee’ (Conditions of Service) Act for all. This is a specific Act created to regulate service conditions, leave rules, etc. for the field workers.
  • FMRAI campaigns and agitate for strengthening of the Public Sector Drug companies. FMRAI is also a constituent of the Committee for Public Sector Trade Unions.
  • FMRAI is also a constituent of National Platform of Mass Organisations which is a national organisation of several large trade union federations. It is fighting for resisting the ills of globalisation and liberalisation policy framed under the dictate of World Bank and IMF.
  • FMRAI, since a long time have been campaigning for a Rational Drug Policy and access of essential medicines for people. It has also worked with the national pharmaceutical companies in the platform of National Working Group on Ptent Law to resist the changes in the Indian Patents Act, 1970 to defend the self reliance in drug industry. FMRAI has also worked with the organisations in the science movement for self reliance and for reduction of drug prices.